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Where to get Dr Simon Dray’s famous creams?

Posted on2020-03-14

Dr. Simon Dray, famous for his technique of lifting without surgery, has launched his own cosmetics skin care range.

Behind these exclusive products is what many known as the "anti-ageing guru" pioneer in facial mesotherapy, who introduced this aesthetic medicine technique in Spain 25 years ago

In their hands they have entrusted actresses, models & politicians to achieve the effect of “you've done something, but we can’t tell what exactly… but it looks good!".

Simon Dray is a real magician in achieving the difficulties of touching up the face without it being noticed and a strong advocate of the importance of prevention and starting to care for your skin from a young age, with three fundamentals: regular skin cleansing, a good cream and vitamin injections.

Because of these injections, and everything else he does, he knows; in fact he was in charge of bringing to Spain, from his native France, facial mesotherapy way back in 1992. He is also the architect of Mesolift: the cocktail of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that became in a whole revolution for its ability to reaffirm, fade wrinkles, equalize tone and provide brightness.

And because he believes in the importance of using good products to pamper the skin, he immersed himself into research to create his own skincare range. After years of study and for the satisfaction of his patients, who insistently kept on asked him for creams to maintain the effects of his treatments, the small but solid range of cosmeceuticals Dr. Dray Paris was born: Two ultra-effective formulas with a high concentration of active ingredients that are able to adapt to the needs of each skin type.

Both products are applied morning and evening which include marine stem cells (derived from algae), which slow down the shortening of telomeres (a fact directly associated with skin ageing), a high concentration of vectorised hyaluronic acid that penetrates more deeply to hydrate the skin more thoroughly and a plant-based phyto-complex riddled with antioxidants that slow down the damage of pollution and external aggressions.

The Multiactive Cream by Dr. Dray Paris:

Thanks to its composition based on the exclusive cellular phyto-complex, vectorised hyaluronic acid, marine stem cells and antioxidants, it regenerates, moisturises and reaffirms the face, neck and neck line from the first application.

The Global Action Serum is a powerful intelligent serum that adapts to the needs of each skin. Formulated with plant complex and marine stem cells, it intensely reaffirms, illuminates, moisturises, stimulates cell renewal, provides a lifting effect and corrects wrinkles.

Belleza Pura, Beatriz Peña


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