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The multiple purposes of Dr. Dray Paris’s products

Posted on2020-03-19

The Dr. Dray Paris range is designed to fight against the ageing process. Its formula allows multiple uses as well as what they were designed for. Following is the detail of each of the products and their additional purposes.

Multiactive Cream

Dr. Dray Paris Multiactive cream has different properties that make it a multipurpose cream. It’s a cream that can be used day and night. Formulated with vegetal stem cells, they make it an effective protection against the ageing process and with his hyaluronic acid that make it a powerful moisturiser. Doctor Simon Dray explains the reason for the great hydration it provides: “The hyaluronic acid in the multiactive cream is vectorised, so it can penetrate deeper and provide long-lasting and effective hydration. It’s an XXL moisturiser”. In addition, it contains gotu kola extract, also known as the herb of longevity, which helps our skin to renew itself and synthesise collagen. And of course, thanks to the essential oils present in the formula with a high content of vitamins A, D and E allow to nourish the skin properly.

This cream can not only be used on the face, neck and neckline, but can also be applied to the hands to prevent premature ageing caused by dehydration.

Restructuring serum

Created to act in synergy with the Multiactive cream, the Restructuring Serum is its perfect complement. For both day and night it will give us luminosity, improve the skin texture and provide an immediate lifting effect. Its phyto-cellular complex and stem cells will help protect the cells from free radicals and prevent them from ageing prematurely. It also has wheat germ oil that is a concentrated antioxidant complex and additionally plant DNA that increases the anti-aging effect. According to Dr. Simon Dray "The restructuring serum is the perfect complement to the cream and is specially designed for daily use on mature skin. But young skin can use it at certain times, such as after summer or winter, to prevent premature ageing. " In other words, for younger women it is the perfect booster for key moments of skin care and is the perfect ally for young skin to be radiant during a special event, just to be used a couple of days prior.

Double action exfoliating gel

The Dr. Dray Paris exfoliating gel combines the gentle exfoliation produced by the action of peach bone powder and the hydration of hyaluronic acid. Therefore it helps maintain hydration while removing dead cells from the top layer of the skin. Dr. Simon Dray explains "One of the main factors of early ageing is the loss of hydration, which is why we incorporate hyaluronic acid in our products to avoid it."

In addition, if we leave the gel to work for 5 minutes, after having massaged it lightly so that the hyaluronic acid penetrates, it will have the same effect as a hydrating mask, obtaining smooth and hydrated skin. 

Eye Refresh

Its composition was created to activate the blood circulation around the eye. The skin of this area is the most delicate on the face along with the lips. "For this reason, its formula activates the blood circulation of the area and three complexes of registered active ingredients were added to reduce crow's feet and lift the upper eyelid," says Dr. Simon Dray. In addition, its metallic applicator provides a refreshing sensation that stimulates the upper layers of the skin and helps rapid absorption.

It’s not only effective on the eye contour, but its highly proven efficacy to help reduce wrinkles allows us to apply it in the famous Lip creases but always being careful and cautious not to apply directly to the lips as for this area we higly recommend the following product.

Lip Refresh

Formulated to regenerate and hydrate the sensitive skin of the lips, the Lip Refresh is much more than a lip gloss. “The lips are the big forgotten ones and yet they have very sensitive skin. Protecting them from free radicals and keeping them hydrated is very important.” Dr. Simon Dray tells us. "That is why I decided to create the Lip Refresh."

Its main assets are essential oils, oligo elements and hyaluronic acid, not to mention a patented formula called Plump Oleoactif, that provides natural volume to our lips through its vegetal components. Thanks to the combination of its active ingredients, the lips look juicy and shiny. If you don't want to use lipstick, you can use Lip Refresh as a gloss since it gives a shiny and juicy look to your lips. You can also put it on the lipstick to make it more durable. But do not forget to clean the applicator after applying it on so it doesn’t get stained!

We hope you try our tricks and leave us your comments.


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