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The Cream and Serum from the Doctor of the Celebrities.

Posted on2020-03-11

Dr. Simon Dray from France is also known as the “ Celebrities aesthetic doctor". Actresses, models, singers and even politician’s cross paths through the corridors of their clinics. His secret? A method he created to reaffirm the skin without the need for surgery; the so-called "crownlift technique” which is the most effective procedure known today of lifting without surgery.

Even the newspaper “El Mundo” ranked him as the second-best doctor specialising in aesthetics in its annual rankings, thanks to the results of his treatments. But the famous doctor has wanted to go further and has launched his own cosmeceutical line that at TELVA, we have already had the good fortune to try… The result? Spectacular.

"I have formulated these products with the idea of ​​reinforcing the treatments in my clinics and also for those who are looking for cosmetics with a high concentration of benefits to use at home," the doctor tells us. The most curious thing is that, despite being loaded with powerful ingredients, they are also suitable for the most sensitive skins thanks to its intelligent technology that adapts to all skin types.

His miraculous serum is an ancient formula that the Dray brothers commercialised years ago in Paris, and have been improving over the years. There were many people who had traveled to their Parisian clinic just to buy the product, instead of waiting for it to arrive in Spain. But when they stopped selling it, it was a problem for many clients who had been using it for some time. Luckily, the product came back to our country and also with the improved formula.

What we like most about this serum is undoubtedly its gel texture, and most importantly, that it manages to firm the skin from the first application. It contains marine stem cells and an exclusive complex of plants that improves the texture of the skin and corrects wrinkles. Then, nothing better than combining it within an anti-ageing cream, just apply 2 pumps of this product, made of vectorised hyaluronic acid, to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. It contains antioxidants, plants and algae, that survives in extreme conditions, and a large dose of stem cells.

And there’s nobody better than a doctor with more than 30 years of experience in aesthetics to know the needs of our skin. No wonder that in his Instagram account @clinicafdray has so many celebrities who recommend it.


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