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Protect your skin winter time

Posted on2020-02-06

When the cold arrives you not only have to wrap up and be warm, but you also have to prepare your skin.

Changes in temperature significantly affect the skin, so when the coldest days come, special attention must be paid to caring for the face and hands.

In winter, the vessels of the skin contract, the flow of the blood is getting affected and this translates into lack of hydration, luminosity, redness, dryness, chapped and scaly lips. In other words, greater dehydration occurs in the areas that have been exposed. Low temperatures, heating and the least amount of liquid we drink makes this very evident.

The steps to follow to protect our skin are very simple; to increase hydration with products that help maintain it and create a barrier against the cold from the inside. We especially have to use products with a high content of hyaluronic acid for hands, face and lips. It is advisable to use them at night, to repair the damage, and when we go out exposing ourselves to the cold, to avoid them suffering. The Dr. Dray Paris range of cosmeceuticals are specially designed to prevent dehydration and skin ageing, so all our products contain hyaluronic acid or, in its absence, a cellular phyto-complex and essential oils that will nourish deeply.


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