€63.00 €90.00

The Multiactive Cream fulfills many functions for the skin thanks to its exclusive phyto-cellular complex that regenerates, moisturizes and reaffirms the upper layers of the epidermis since its first application.

€22.40 €32.00

Restore a rejuvenated look to your lips, increase their shine and naturally enhance volume. An essential in your daily beauty ritual as it protects, moisturizes and nourishes the lips.

€17.50 €25.00

The Double action sanitizing and repairing hand cream, with natural and alcohol-free plant ingredients, sanitizes up to 48h while regenerating and nourishing. It provides immediate relief and long-lasting hydration to sensitive and dry skin. 

€189.00 €270.00

A special pack designed for the needs of men's skin, which contains all the necessary products for a complete beauty ritual.


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