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Moisturising and sanitising hand cream

Posted on2020-10-19

Crema de manos con doble función higienizan

Hand cream with a double sanitising and dermo-repairing function. Its innovative natural, alcohol-free, plant-based formula has a powerful antimicrobial action that provides protection for up to 48 hours, while deeply nourishing and regenerating dry and sensitive skin to prevent cracks, redness, itching and loss of elasticity. It provides immediate relief by providing softness and extra long-lasting hydration.

Double action

Soft, elastic and silky hands. 100% protected. In two-in-one fast-absorbing cleanser and moisturiser.

15 seconds

That's the time you need for an antimicrobial action on your hands. With immediate effect, it can be used daily as often as needed.

99.2% natural ingredients

Sustainable formulation with renewable and biodegradable sources. Alcohol-free, regenerates the skin's barrier function.

Active ingredients

Coconut oil. Recognised moisturising agent, it is high in fatty acids, lauric acid and vitamins E and K, so it also nourishes and brightens the skin.
Sweet almond oil. Its beneficial properties for the skin have been known since ancient times, when it was known as the elixir of beauty. Rich in Omega 3 and 6, vitamins A, B, D and E. It has been traditionally used for the care of the whole body, hair and nails. Less well known are its qualities as an anti-inflammatory, as a shield against inclement weather, as well as its effectiveness as a soothing agent for irritated skin due to its high moisturising effect.
Shea butter. It has a powerful regenerating effect due to the presence of vitamins A, D, E and F that help to stimulate the endogenous creation of collagen. Like sweet almond oil, it has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a shield against the weather, but also protects the skin from sun damage due to its high content of vitamins E and F.
Phenethyl alcohol. Normally used as a perfume and natural preservative, but another of its lesser-known qualities is its antimicrobial action.
Wheat protein extract. In addition to providing nourishment and hydration by stimulating endogenous collagen creation, it helps keep the skin clean.
Xykityl sesquicapreylate. Derived from maple sugar and caprylic acid, it has a potent antimicrobial action. Maple sugar, in addition to its antiseptic properties, is a recognised moisturising agent. Caprylic acid, present in various animal and vegetable milks (coconut oil, for example), has recognised antimicrobial and antifungal properties. The combination of these two ingredients creates one of the active ingredients with effective antimicrobial action.
Soybean oil. High in vitamins A, B6, B12 and K, calcium, magnesium and potassium. It has antioxidant, moisturising and firming properties as it acts by stimulating the endogenous creation of collagen and elastin, helping in the cell regeneration process.
Alcohol of caprylic, cetyl and other vegetable origins. These alcohols, unlike ethyl alcohol, provide and preserve skin hydration and prevent irritation. They have a high antimicrobial action.

Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested.

Avoid contact with eyes.

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