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How to avoid sun damage and excess heat in 5 steps

Posted on2019-08-23

Our skin is exposed to all kinds of aggressions throughout the year, but there are two moments when we must pay special attention to it. One of them is summer, especially in case of heat waves we almost always suffering in summer. To avoid damage and prevent photoaging, we give you 5 tips and tricks.

Sun protection also comes from within: Whenever the sun begins to get stronger, it is advisable to put on a sun protection cream. Some do not do it until they reach the beach, a big mistake, since, at higher altitudes it means more exposure. Therefore, in mountain places or cities with medium altitude, the skin must be protected more.

But it must be remembered that not only is the skin protected from the outside, it is also done from the inside. How? Some recommend the use of nutricosmetics, others an increase in the consumption of certain foods, but they always see it from the perspective of food. It is correct, yes. Although they always forget about more direct treatments that provide us with all the vitamins, trace elements, coenzymes and minerals wherever they are needed, without having to be "processed" by our bodies. This is the case of mesotherapy with vitamins and hyaluronic acid.

This therapy can be done all year round, but it is more recommended in times of need of the skin, such as summer.

No drop of makeup: Makeup is a must for women, and increasingly men. It evens out our skin tone and makes us look better. What we forget is that it is a barrier that does not allow our skin to breathe. For this reason, at times when the pore needs to be free for our skin to breathe, we cannot put more barriers on it than those that protect us from the sun. If what we want is to maintain the uniformity of our skin tone, it is best to use a coloured sun cream or a CC cream.

Extra hydration: Extreme temperatures dehydrate the skin. The cold does it from the outside while the heat from the inside. When you press the heat, you have to give an extra. As we have already mentioned, a mesotherapy with vitamins and hyaluronic acid is perfect as a shock treatment. But you have to keep that extra, for this it is convenient that everything with which we dress the skin, (cream, serum, exfoliants ...) contain said acid, like the products of Dr. Dray Paris in which even the exfoliant is designed so that our skin always has the necessary hydration supply.

There are two parts that we systematically forget to take care of but that suffer equally from sun exposure and heat, and they are our hands and our hair.

Be careful with your hands: We all apply sunscreen to our faces, arms, legs ... and then we wash our hands because we are sticky or dirty. And we forget that, when washing them, we lose the sun cream that we have put on them. And how do we avoid it? You can use sunscreen spray that are more liquid and do not leave a greasy feeling. But they usually come in large and bulky formats, difficult to carry in your bag or purse. The best solution is to use wet wipes to wipe the palms of our hands from excess cream without removing it from the back.

But what if the damage has already been done and our hands are stained and / or aged? It can also be solved. Stains can be removed or tinted with a laser. If we add the pulsed light, we are going to unify the tone. And for hands with fine and wrinkled skin, simply stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin again with mesotherapy, as is done on the face.


Let's not forget about hair: During the summer, the sun, bathing in swimming pools and the sea, perspiration, damage the hair, that is something evident. What we forget is our scalp. This skin cannot be protected with sun cream, so it is highly recommended to wear a hat, scarf ... anything that protects us from the sun's rays. It is also recommended to prepare our hair before summer giving it a plus of vitamins. As in the case of sun protection, the use of nutricosmetics has already entered our routines. Also the topical use of serums, protective oils or vitamins applied directly to the hair and scalp can help. But the most effective solution is to supply the nutrients from the inside. As for all its uses, vitamin mesotherapy will activate the regeneration of the follicle and collagen of the skin, especially if we complete it with a LED helmet that will help activate circulation, heal the areas damaged by the sun and promote production of collagen.

We hope you found our advice helpful. And remember that in our centres we can give you more details about all the available treatments.


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