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Get ready for the holidays!

Posted on2019-12-11

Christmas parties, celebrations with family, friends, colleagues are just around the corner. We are already thinking about putting on our best clothes, going to the hairdresser to be as pretty and handsome as possible at dinners, meals ... But sometimes we forget that our face also needs preparation to glow.

What can we do to look our best in Christmas time?

Everyone is different, some just need a touch up here and there, others will need a little more. Apart from treatments focused on one area of ​​the face, there is no doubt that when we treat our skin comprehensively and it is nourished well, it looks much better. For this, there are different treatments that will help us have good skin quality. Here we leave you the most demanded.


Doctor Simon  Dray invented this technique to make our faces look healthy and younger. It is a facelift without surgery through mesotherapy with vitamins, oligo elements, co-enzymes and minerals. It can be done a couple of days before an event since the effect is immediate and we will be radiant in a single session. The best thing is that the effect will last several months so we will face the harshness of winter with the skin prepared to withstand its inclement weather.


It is one of the lastest treatments of Dr. Simon Dray and in a few months it has become one of his star treatments. The results are spectacular since it consists of renewing the upper layer of the skin while it is fed with vitamins and stimulated with LED therapy. In addition, it is accompanied with home treatment to make it even more effective. Everyone so far who has tried it is amazed with the results after one session.


Specially designed for those who do not like needles, it’s a mesotherapy treatment but without needles. This time it will be active ingredients that will help our own body generate more collagen and elastin. How does it penetrate without needles? All thanks to an exclusive massage treatment that manages to combat flaccidity. All this hydrating the skin and making the spots disappear. both Renewskin and Mesoillumination treatments should be accompanied by a daily routine.

Duo Global Action

This is the most demanded treatment along with the Crownlift Technique, but it is not medical, but the cosmetic treatment that Dr. Simon Dray created to prolong the effects of his medical treatments. Each active ingredient is designed to combat ageing, dehydration and cellular degeneration. Specially designed to work in synergy, the Stem Cell Serum and Hyaluronic Acid Cream help make any quality skin treatment more effective and its results look spectacular. Also, it’s a great idea for a gift.

These are just some of the medical treatments that you can find in Dray clinics. Whatever your choice, it is best to follow the advice of any of our doctors since they know what the best treatment is for each of us.


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