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Dr. Dray Paris: between medicine and cosmetics

Posted on2020-03-12

Sometimes, to refer to cosmetics we use the word "treatment", as if it were a medicine. In fact, there are some products that, due to their characteristics and the high concentration of active ingredients they possess (making them much more effective than usual in a cream), are halfway between traditional cosmetics and medicine. This is the case of the range of which I want to speak to you about today, since it has fascinated me by its so complete action on the skin and the enormous experience that demonstrates the development of a product with all these characteristics.

It’s because of the Intelligent Duo Global Action, developed by Dr. Simon Dray. The treatment consists of a cream and a serum, designed to act in synergy and capable of repairing multiple skin damages. They contain vectorised hyaluronic acid (which guarantees the long term-maintained result) as well as antioxidant complexes and a phytocomplex of marine stem cells that nourish and stabilise the skin. Therefore, it’s possible to delay the shortening of the telomeres, which are the ends of the chromosomes and which have been shown to directly influence ageing. Because of this, the signs of time not only fade from our skin but, additionally, are delayed.

First of all, the Dr. Dray serum is spread on clean and dry skin both in the morning and night by a light circular and ascending massage on the neckline, neck and face, finishing on the forehead and avoiding the area of ​​the eye contour. This serum is designed to treat the dermis from the inside, being also an "intelligent" product. This means that it is able to identify what is the need of each area to be treated, offering the necessary solution: it illuminates, moisturises, stimulates cell renewal, achieves a lifting effect, corrects wrinkles and improves the texture and tone of the skin.

For its part, Dr. Dray cream is extended in the same way, but only after the serum and having waited between the application of one and another for at least a minute. The cream ensures that the skin is hydrated all day long thanks to the vectorised hyaluronic acid, which penetrates in greater depth, while the marine stem cells it contains help our skin regenerate. In turn, its powerful antioxidants fight free radicals that damage our skin day by day (such as exposure to the sun, tobacco smoke or pollution) in such a way that it delays the damage of time the same way. Thus, the skin is tightened, hydrated, radiant and comfortable.

I find it tremendously striking that, in a country like ours, where aesthetic interventions are the order of the day (Spanish women are the European women who have the most access to this type of treatment), cosmetics are not much more unified like medicine. Therefore, this range designed by a doctors, like Simon Dray, gives me a lot of confidence, since it puts the service of aesthetics at the cutting edge of research. Dr. Simon Dray has consultations in Paris and London, Madrid, Barcelona, Almeria and Ibiza, where he has been specialising in the practice of non-invasive treatments that allow rejuvenation of the face (but without changing it), with natural results and permits all of those who put themselves in his hands, to continue being themselves, but much better.


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