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Building your perfect skin care routine with Dr. Dray Paris.

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Owing to the exclusive cellular phyto-complex and vectorised hyaluronic acid of their formula, its cream and serum work in conjunction that serves multiple revitalising functions to the skin.

Make your skin glow.


Taking care of your skin and regenerating the cellular metabolism and slowing down the ageing process.


The perfect match for  your skin.


Dr. Dray Paris.

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"Always natural and glamorous, it's our legacy"

After many years of research the doctors Maurice and Simon Dray have launched Dr. Dray, the advanced skincare range that enhances the results of their bespoke anti-ageing treatments. Visible skin improvements created by the high concentration of active ingredients are found within this unique skincare range.

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Doctor Maurice Dray, the french pioneer in aesthetic medicine, whose clinics are based in several cities as London and Paris. Dr. Dray is a gerontologist and pioneer of cosmetic medicine.
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Doctor Simon Dray, known as the guru of anti-ageing, specialist in revolutionary treatments in aesthetic medicine. Based in several cities in Spain as Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza, to name a few.
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Multiactive Cream

The Multiactive Cream by Dr. Dray performs many functions for the skin thanks to its exclusive cellular phyto-complex that regenerates, moisturises and firms the upper layers of the epidermis from the first application.


Dr. Dray Paris
Cosmética Alta Calidad

Especialistas en Cosmética Anti Edad

Descubre nuestra línea de cosmética que cuida la piel y refuerza el resultado de los tratamientos que llevan a cabo en sus clínicas.
Los resultados en la piel pueden observarse rápidamente gracias a, una alta concentración de principios activos presentes en toda la gama de productos.

Tratamientos Efectivos

Tratamientos con ácido hialurónico y un exclusivo phyto-completoLa crema y el sérum trabajan creando una sinergía que reafirma intensamente cuello y rostro.


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